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English LAYEN BS-1 Bluetooth Music Receiver

LAYEN BS-1 Bluetooth Music Receiver

Use the LAYEN BS-1 to turn your original Bose 1 SoundDock Bluetooth. You will be able to stream your music wirelessly from your Bluetooth enabled device, e.g. Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop.


  • Turn the docking station on and connect securely to the 30pin connector.
  • The BS-1 will make a sound and the blue light will flash on and off.
  • Enable Bluetooth on your device so it can pair to the BS-1. 
  • IMPORTANT: Hold the play/pause button down (on the side of the BS-1) while your device searches for it. BS-1 will then appear on your device, select it to pair.  
  • Keep the BS-1 and your Bluetooth device within 1m of each other whilst pairing. After this you can have them up to 10m apart.
  • If prompted for a password please enter '0000'.
  • If prompted by your device to manually connect, select yes.
  • Successful pairing will be indicated by a sound and the blue LED light will stay constant blue.
  • Pairing time is quick, but please allow up to 1 minute. Again this might vary according to which device is being used.
  • You are now ready to stream your music wirelessly. Please make sure that the volume is up on both your device and the docking station.

 Troubleshooting Tips:

Disconnected.  If you go beyond the 10m radius the BS-1 will automatically reconnect when your device is back in range. The BS-1 will remember your device so you will only need to connect once (but you will need to leave your Bluetooth on).

No Power.  If the receiver doesn't power up / the lights don't flash, please make sure your dock is connected at the mains and not running from a battery. Test that power is getting through to the BS-1 by connecting it to a 30pin iPhone / iPod charge cable. 

Can’t Pair.  If you are having trouble pairing please make sure you have held down the pairing button on the side long enough for the BS-1 to appear under Bluetooth devices on your phone (or other device) then select to pair.  Please make sure the BS-1 and your device are no more than 1m apart during pairing.

If you are still having problems pairing, please do a Bluetooth reset. Forget all Bluetooth devices; turn Bluetooth off and then on again. Turn the dock and phone (or other device) off and then back on again. Now re-start the process. If you have any other Bluetooth devices that have been or are trying to connect to the BS-1 please turn off Bluetooth on these devices and delete them from your pairing list (“forget device”) as they could be causing initial confusion.

Pairing to Another Device.  You shouldn’t get any issues pairing from one device to another. However, if you do experience this please do a simple reset. Forget the BS-1 from both (all) devices. Turn the Bluetooth function off and then turn the devices off and on again. Now restart the pairing process on one device.

No Sound. If you can pair, but no sound is coming out there is likely to be an issue with the dock itself or the way in which the dock and receiver are working together. The BS-1 has been designed specifically for the Bose Series 1 Sounddock, but given their age there can occasionally be issues.  Test an iPhone or iPod in the dock and make sure there isn’t a problem with the dock’s audio. Check that the volume on both your dock and phone/ tablet are turned up; the dock is plugged into the mains; try turning the volume on the phone down and up on the dock and vice versa. If you still can’t get sound you can return it for testing, but there is likely to be an issue with the pins on the dock itself in which case no 30pin receiver will work. You can return to us for a refund if this is the case.

Sound Quality Issues.  If you are experiencing hissing, crackling, interference or any other sound issues please; check that the power supply socket in the docking station/sound dock has not come loose and causing an incomplete connection; take off the back-plate and reseat it; check the receiver is connected securely. If you are still experiencing problems please contact us. If you have the Bose Series 1 sounddock in white with the serial number starting 0375, please contact us.


Returns and Faulty Products

Incompatible / Unwanted Items / Faulty items

If your item is incompatible or you have changed your mind, you can return the receiver to us within 30 days of purchase. After this period we cannot accept any returns. Please follow our returns procedure

If you think that you may have a faulty receiver, please contact us so we can advise you on what to do. 


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