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English LAYEN BST - Bluetooth Transmitter


The LAYEN BST is no longer available. Please take a look at other LAYEN AUX transmitter.  

LAYEN TX-RX - Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver 



LAYEN BST – Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter

The LAYEN BST is a Bluetooth Transmitter which will enable almost any device with a 3.5 connection to stream music wirelessly using Bluetooth technology, e.g. iPod, PC, Laptop, MP3, Tablet, or older generation Smart Phones / Mobile Phones. The BST will send your music to your Bluetooth headphones, docking station, speakers or Soundbar. For instance, the TV to your Headphones.

Once the transmitter has been connected to the non-bluetooth device it will automatically push a bluetooth signal and will be searchable by your Bluetooth headphones; docking station; speakers or Soundbar. For instance, use with your TV to listen on your Bluetooth Headphones.

In rare instances, as with anything with Bluetooth technology, there may be compatibility issues with the set-up; given that there are thousands of models of docks, speakers, headphones and televisions out there. If you find you are having difficulty setting up please follow the instructions and trouble-shooting advise below.

How does it work?

To operate and enter pairing mode, simply press and hold the power button for down for approx. 7-8 seconds. A blue LED light will turn on - after approx 4 seconds - this will change to a fast flickering light of blue and red intermittently.
The BST is now in pairing mode and searching for a device to pair with.
Whilst in pairing mode, enable Bluetooth on the device you are trying to send music to (i.e. Bluetooth headphones) this could vary across various manufacturers and brands but it will likely also flash blue and red, or will have a Bluetooth button etc.

Whilst pairing, please keep the devices close together. You can move them apart once connected. The BST does not to be in the user device to pair, you can pair and then insert after.

The two devices should connect automatically. Depending on the Bluetooth device that you are trying to connect to, you might need to hold the Bluetooth button down for the initial pairing (e.g. on your Bluetooth speaker) to enable them to find each other. Again, this varies across devices.
Once the BST is paired to your Bluetooth device (Headphones / Dock / Speakers) it will flash blue every 5 seconds. Your headphones/ dock should also replicate this. Some devices will make a beeping sound to confirm connection, some will turn constantly blue. Now simply press play to stream your music!

Trouble Connecting & Streaming Music?

If you are having problems connecting to your Bluetooth device, please turn the transmitter off and on again and re-start the process. The BST will try to pair for approx. for 2 minutes after which if no connection is made it will turn off.

Different devices will have different pairing modes, so sometimes trial and error is required. The BST will always show the same LED lights:

Power on - blue flash 3 times
Powering off – red flash 3 times
In pairing / connecting mode - flickering red/blue intermittently
Connected / Paired - Double blue flash every 5 seconds
Running low on power - flashing red approx. every 3 seconds


Test the devices on their own to make sure they are working fine
Make sure the BST has a full charge (charge for approx. 2 -2.5hrs)
Is there a button you need to hold during the pairing process for your device (e.g. headphones?) to allow them to connect?
Does the BST work with a different device? You can test it with a laptop, TV, or smart phone or tablet.

If testing with a smart phone / tablet you need to disable Bluetooth in your Bluetooth settings then plug the BST in via the headphone jack and connect like you would otherwise.

If this works – the BST must be compatible with the device you were initially trying to use it with. If this does work, the BST might be incompatible with the device you were initially trying to use it with. The BST will work with most devices, but it can on occasion be incompatible with the individual set-up. With thousands of different products, brands and models out there that can be combined for your own set up, we can’t guarantee compatibility, although it will work with most.

If it's not working with any other device, there must be a fault with the product.
If you are having problems with the volume, try plugging in the 3.5mm jack first to an active sound source (socket volume up), then switch the target speaker on, and then asap switch this transmitter from off to pair mode (six second hold). Once paired a blue led flashes once per 4 seconds.

Did you buy the transmitter but actually want a receiver, to turn your docking station, speakers or stereo Bluetooth? If so this is the wrong product and you need to exchange

If you have tried all of the above, but are unlucky enough to find your set-up to be incompatible and need to return the BST, please follow our Returns Procedure and send the unwanted item back to us, in its' original packaging (and condition!) for an exchange or refund.

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