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The LAYEN BTR-S is no longer available. Please take a look at other LAYEN AUX transmitter.  

LAYEN TX-RX - Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver 


The LAYEN BTR-S Bluetooth Audio Receiver / Transmitter is a vital asset for your audio set-up. It provides a 2-in-1 solution for streamlining your music wirelessly, via Bluetooth. You can either use it as a transmitter, to turn a non-Bluetooth device such as an old iPod, TV, laptop etc Bluetooth enabled. Or it can be used as a receiver to turn a non-Bluetooth dock or speakers Bluetooth, so you can stream music from your smartphone or tablet. It can be used with any device with an Aux input/connection. 

Bluetooth Receiver Mode: 

Use as a receiver to enable your speakers, dock or stereo system to receive a Bluetooth audio signal from your phone, iPod or tablet. 

Simply connect the BTR-S via the 3.5mm cable into an Aux input/headphone jack of any non-Bluetooth speaker or docking station to turn it Bluetooth.

Once connected your speaker or dock will be ready to pair with any Bluetooth enabled device such as an iPhone, iPod or iPad etc.

You can now stream your music wirelessly.

Bluetooth Transmitter Mode:

Use as a transmitter to allow non-Bluetooth enabled devices (e.g. non-Bluetooth MP3 player; phone; laptop; TV) to stream music wirelessly to your Bluetooth enabled speakers, headphones or docking station.

Simply connect via the 3.5mm Aux jack to turn your device Bluetooth. 

It will be ready to pair immediately. 

Use it to turn your TV into a wireless speaker or stream music from a non-Bluetooth Laptop to your Bluetooth Soundbar.

Having problems pairing?

When using the BTR-S as a transmitter, issues surrounding pairing usually arise from the non-Bluetooth device. Check to see if you can pair the BTR-S to a different device - if it pairs fine, it means that the issue is with your first device. It could be incompatible, although this is unusual. Please follow the steps below to resolve any issues:

Check that the BTR-S is fully charged before first use, this will take around 3 hours and is done via USB (supplied). A red light indicates charging and this will turn off when fully charged. 

Have you moved the switch to ensure it's in the correct mode? TX = Transmitter mode, RX = Receiver mode.

Make sure the BTR-S is off when connecting to the other device via Aux.

Have you held down the MFB button long enough to allow pairing? This can take up to 7 seconds. Keep the button held down until the LED light flashes blue intermittently.

Are you holding the devices close together? They need to be within 1m (or as close as possible) whilst pairing and can be moved apart once connected. 

Does your device e.g. speaker or headphones have a pairing button or is it automatic search? If it has a pairing button, this will need to be held down in order for the devices to find each other.

Do you have anything else you can try the BTR-S on? I.e. stereo, TV etc?

Successfully paired but no sound?

It's unlikely that the BTR-S is faulty. It could be an incompatibility issue with the device you are using it with, but more often it is an issue that can be resolved with the device you are trying to use.

To eliminate a fault, please test that the device is working by plugging it into another device. You can use as a transmitter in your iPhone – then just disable your Bluetooth in your settings. The transmitter will automatically function. You can also test in another dock or speakers if you are trying to use it as a receiver. 

If it works fine in another device, the issue lies with your device.

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