Bluetooth Receiver won't work in my Car


Finding a 30 pin Bluetooth receiver to work with cars can be tricky; compatibility can be very hit and miss. Generally speaking, if you have a digital radio they won’t work as the car will be looking for a digital, not analogue, signal.

There are also often issues with car iPod connect kits, as many are MFI only (Made For iPhone/iPod) – meaning that they will not be compatible with non-MFI products on the market. If the receiver you have purchased is not working with your car stereo or connect kit, it is likely that it’s incompatible because of the above reasons.


If this is the case, please return the receiver by following our returns procedure. We would then suggest your purchase one of our AUX receivers instead:

LAYEN C-AUX - Bluetooth AUX Receiver

LAYEN BT-AUX - Bluetooth AUX Receiver

LAYEN TX-RX - Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver


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