How can I Stream Music Wirelessly from my iPod Classic to my Bluetooth Speakers?


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Posted 9 May • Troubleshooting

We have a premium LAYEN Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver available that will allow you to connect your old non-Bluetooth iPod to your Bluetooth docking stations, speakers and systems. Please look at the LAYEN TX-RX product page for all the product information, set up and troubleshooting tips. 

If you have a non-Bluetooth iPod and want to use it to stream music wirelessly to your Bluetooth speakers, dock or headphones - you will need a Bluetooth transmitter to do so.

The Bluetooth transmitter will turn your iPod Bluetooth, allowing it to stream your music.

If you have a Bluetooth enabled iPod and are looking to connect to a non-Bluetooth speaker, please take a look at our LAYEN 30pin receivers:

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

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We imagine that one of the above would have helped resolve the issue for you. But if you are still having trouble - just contact us via the contact form for some help from the support team. We are always happy to help!

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