I have purchased the wrong receiver for my Bose Dock

Delivery Troubleshooting

If you have purchased the BS-1 but have in fact got a later version (Please click here if you are unsure) it won’t power up – you will need to return it for a refund and instead purchase either the i-SYNC or i-DOCK. The i-SYNC and i-DOCK work with all Bose docks other than the Original Bose 1. 

If you do have the correct receiver for your Bose dock but are experiencing issues, Please look at our troubleshooting guides below. If after going through our troubleshooting tips and they have not resolved your issues, please get in contact with us. 

i-DOCK Troubleshooting Guide 

i-SYNC Troubleshooting Guide 

BS-1 Troubleshooting Guide 

Please look at our Delivery and Returns Procedure to return your receiver. 


If you are looking to purchase one of our products and would like to see the customer reviews on Amazon - please use the links below: 


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