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Following unprecedented demand, the i-DOCKs are finally back in town!!! But what is this "i-DOCK" that has been flying off the shelves we hear you ask? Well, let us tell you.....
i-dock bluetooth music receiver
The i-DOCK is another great product brought to you LAYEN.
So what’s the difference between this Bluetooth music receiver and all the other receivers you see on the internet? Well firstly, this runs off Bluetooth version 3.0, one of the latest and forms of Bluetooth technology which results in higher quality, clearer sound and increased compatibility!

Another great feature of this device is its’ auto pairing. This means that when you have paired once with the i-DOCK, you won’t need to pair again. You can just plug the receiver back into your docking station and it will auto pair with your device. It’s quick and easy, and the next time you use it you will be up and running with your music in seconds.

Another feature is its’ button which lets you pause the music at any time. If you are standing by the dock but away from your phone / tablet etc when you want to pause a song, just press the button – the music will stop until you press it again.

i_dock LAYEN bluetooth music receiver for bose apple samsungAll in all, the i-DOCK has been designed for easy use, simple pairing and to get your music streaming as quickly as possible. It is a sleek little device, boasting excellent design and crystal clear sound quality. The audio is so good, that its’ difficult to tell the difference between the music playing from a phone docked directly in the docking station and music being streamed via Bluetooth.

So LAYEN have done it again with another great product. This receiver is one of the best Bluetooth receiver you will find on the market. Not only does if offer better sound quality than other models, but you don’t have to own an Apple based product to use it. You can pair the i-DOCK with a broad range of brands including Samsung, Nokia and HTC (as well as iPads, tablets, laptops/ macs) directly to your 30 pin dock.
Give your docking station that new least of life it needs, after all a docks’ not just for Christmas. Ditch the cables, stay on the sofa and join the wireless revolution. We know what you need when it comes to Bluetooth receivers and we endeavour to keep our customer promise ‘Looking after your every need’. The only thing we can’t do is bring a beer or wine direct to the sofa, you may have to get up for that part!

For more information or to purchase, see the LAYEN I-DOCK. If this isn't the right receiver for you, have a look at all of our Bluetooth Music Receivers and if you don't know which one you should get, have a quick read of our Bluetooth Buying Guide.


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The LAYEN I-DOCK Bluetooth Receiver, in summary:
Small & sleek design
Fantastic quality audio
Transmission of up to 10m and through walls
Switch between yours and your friends music
Directly charged from the dock, no need to charge first
Pause button
Auto-pairing function

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