Which Bluetooth receiver for my Car?


If you're looking to make your car stereo Bluetooth and stream music via your smartphone without any cables, it is possible - but a 30 pin receiver will not be the solution for most car stereos. 

Finding a 30 pin Bluetooth receiver to work with cars can be tricky, compatibility can be very hit and miss. Results can vary between different vehicle manufacturers. We would therefore always recommend an AUX receiver for a car (more info below). 

As a rule of thumb, the 30 pin Bluetooth Receivers will only work with stereos and docks that accept analogue or analogue and digital. They will not work if your car stereo accepts digital only. 

If you want to try one of our 30pin receivers out anyway, we recommend testing the i-DOCK. 

If it doesn't work out we have a no-quibble return policy and can offer a refund within 30 days of purchase. (just keep the item in as new condition and carefully remove it from the  packaging to not scratch the device).

At this point, you know that you need an AUX receiver instead. Newer cars will have the AUX port either in the glove box, in the armrest, on the face of the stereo, or in some models, the port will be at the back of the head unit. 

Our LAYEN AUX receivers

We have a few different AUX receivers to choose from. Please click the links below to each receivers product page for all the product information.

LAYEN C-AUX - Bluetooth AUX Receiver 

LAYEN BT-AUX - Bluetooth AUX Receiver 

LAYEN TX-RX - Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver 

If you experience any issues with these receivers, please see our troubleshooting tips on our product pages.

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