Which Bluetooth receiver for my Zeppelin / B&W / Zeppelin Mini?

Unfortunately, the Zeppelin is generally not compatible with 30 pin receivers. We would therefore suggest you purchase one of our AUX receivers instead. We have a few AUX receivers on the market which will allow you to listen to music on your old Zeppelin dock again bringing it into the world of Bluetooth. Please see our AUX receivers below:

LAYEN C-AUX - Bluetooth AUX Receiver

LAYEN BT-AUX - Bluetooth AUX Receiver

LAYEN TX-RX - Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver

AUX receivers don't experience the same compatibility issues that 30 pin receivers do, so the decision of which to purchase will come down to personal preference. For more information on each product, please look at their product pages.  

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