Bluetooth Music Audio Receiver
Bluetooth Music Audio Receiver
Bluetooth Music Audio Receiver

Bluetooth Music Audio Receiver

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Wireless music streaming from your phone, mp3 player or tablet.
This Bluetooth Music Receiver will let you stream music wirelessly from your docking station, using any Bluetooth device; iPhones, iPads, iTouch, Smart Phones, Blackberry's, Sony, HTC, Samsung and other MP3 devices. For our premium Bluetooth receivers (with better compatibility, sound & design) please see our I-DOCK and I-SYNC.

With a transmission distance of up to 10m you can control your music from anywhere in the room and even through walls! You can also use it in the car, by connecting your iPhone cable. It connects directly to a 30 pin dock (iPod Size) – then you simply pair your Bluetooth device with the receiver and start to stream.


  • Wireless music streaming from your docking station - no more leaving your phone in your dock!
  • Use with Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Transmission distance up to 10m - even through walls
  • Switch between yours and your friends' phones / MP3 players
  • Save £££'s - fraction of the price of investing in a new docking station
  • Slim and portable design
Please Note: this receiver is not compatible with first generation BOSE docks, B & W (Bowers& Wilkins) or Klipsch docking stations. For Bose 1 Docking Stations please see the BS-1. We offer a full refund in the rare instance it is not compatible with your station.
Need more information or not sure if this Bluetooth receiver is right for you? We have lots of information which will help you out:

Our 30 pin receivers are compatible with a large number of Docks & Speakers, but not all. Please check the listing to see if the make / model of your dock is listed and if it's compatible. Compatibility varies, even between different models of the same brand - and even between our receivers. So please check the description of the receiver you are looking to buy. 

Bear in mind that these are not exhaustive lists, we can only include the docks that we have received feedback from. There are many many more that are compatible that we never hear about.

  • If your dock IS COMPATIBLE - great! Go ahead and purchase the i-SYNC.
  • If your dock is NOT COMPATIBLE no problem. Just look at our AUX receivers above in the comparison chart. These are universal - so long as your dock had an AUX input (headphone jack) it WILL work.
  • If your dock ISN'T LISTED - no problem. You are welcome to buy and try it out for yourself. If you have any issues with compatibility you can simply return and purchase one of our AUX receivers instead (use the link in the comparison table to view the product pages)

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