About Us

Our Story

When LAYEN first started selling Bluetooth receivers, we had no idea just how many people wanted (and needed) them. We thought it would be a fad that might last a year, or two at best.

That was in 2012, but like all great love stories, we are still here and still going strong. Every day we are finding more and more customers just like you, who want to turn their old, dusty - but still totally awesome - Docking Stations and Stereos - Bluetooth.

We often hear.... “It was a great speaker!” “We loved it!” “The sound was amazing!” And more importantly
"Why throw it out… It isn’t broken!”
Well our line in response is always - “Who says you can't still use it?!!”

We are always delighted to see our happy customers returning to purchase updated models or second items for themselves (and more than often gifts for friends, neighbours or family!)

LAYEN now sells some of the highest quality and best known Bluetooth Receivers in the market and you can find our products in Stereo's, Speakers, Hi-Fi's and Docking Stations all over the world.

About Us

About Us

LAYEN is a UK based business, although our customer base is global. We specialise in Bluetooth and Audio Solutions, but we have been known to venture outside of this realm!

Our ethos is to strive to provide our loyal customer base with products that will enrich your life and ultimately make it better!

We LOVE music, so many of our products revolve around this - but like we said earlier, not always...

Our Promise

Our Promise

The LAYEN name is built on our customer promise ”Looking After Your Every Need” and this is reflected in everything we do.

Super products are useless without a dedicated and excellent customer service experience to back it up! We are here to help you, from deciding which product suits your needs, to helping out with any troubleshooting you may need.

That's why we offer hassle-free 30 day returns. So if you change your mind or you find the item is incompatible - you can return for a full refund, no problem!

Our Products

We sell products that will make your life better. We strive to enhance your life and help you make the best of what you already have, saving you significant costs that would be involved in upgrading your entire audio set up. We believe in premium quality products and great sound. We know we sell good stuff so offer all of our customers a 12 month warranty for your peace of mind!

In The Media...

We are SUPER proud to tell you that, not only was the
LAYEN i-SYNC featured in the Financial Times Gadget Supplement, but one of our Awesome
Bluetooth Beanies was also featured on ITV's popular television programme  
"How to Spend it well at Christmas" being modelled by none other than the silver fox himself, Phillip Schofield!

Stay In Touch...

So if you’re new to LAYEN - hopefully you can see you’re in the right hands!  And, if you are already one of our very happy customers, we would like to say a massive thank you for purchasing from and supporting LAYEN : )

If you're not a customer / friend with us yet, but you’d like to be, please do get in touch. Follow us on social media or reach out via email. We'd love to hear from you!

We hope that we can help rescue your speaker from early retirement! Or perhaps spike your interest with something else...

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