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The LAYEN BST is no longer available. Please take a look at other LAYEN AUX transmitter.  

LAYEN TX-RX - Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver 



The LAYEN BST is a Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter which will enable almost any device with a 3.5mm AUX female connection to send audio wirelessly using Bluetooth technology. This could be your non-Bluetooth iPod, PC, Laptop, MP3, Tablet or older generation Mobile Phone.

The transmitter does not have a built-in battery, please therefore connect it to a power source via the USB before use.


Once the transmitter has been connected to the non-Bluetooth device it will automatically transmit a Bluetooth signal and will be searchable by your Bluetooth Headphones, Dock, Speakers etc. Your non-Bluetooth device must support Bluetooth A2DP profile. Pairing process is as follows:

Connect the LAYEN BST to a power source; plug the micro USB connection of the cable into the BST and the USB connection to the USB port. 

Keep the LAYEN BST and your Bluetooth device / receiver within 1m of each other during the pairing process. The closer the better. Once paired you can enjoy a range of up to 10m.

Turn on your Bluetooth device and enter pairing mode (press pairing button if there is one). 

Press the MFB on LAYEN BST for 2~3 seconds. Release it once the red and blue LED flashes alternately. This indicates pairing mode.

The LAYEN BST will search and connect with your Bluetooth device automatically.

Once connected, the blue LED will flash twice every 4.5 seconds

Connect the LAYEN BST to your non-Bluetooth device via the 3.5mm audio jack. You are now ready to stream audio wirelessly.

Pairing with a second device

Once the LAYEN BST has successfully paired with the first device, press the MFB button and to enter pairing mode again. The red and blue LED will flash alternately and the LAYEN BST is ready to pair to the second device.

Once the LAYEN BST has connected with the second device, re-pair the first device using your normal pairing process to have both devices connected simultaneously (i.e. push re-pair button).

Each time the transmitter is turned on, it will automatically try to connect to one of the last two paired devices.


The BST doesn't fit. The device you are trying to turn Bluetooth must have a 3.5mm AUX (audio input) jack for it to connect. 

Issues connecting / streaming audio. Make sure the BST and Bluetooth device are no more than 1m apart from each other. The closer the better when pairing. Make sure the Bluetooth device is in pairing mode. Do you need to hold down a pairing button on your device for this to happen?

The LAYEN BST needs to pair with a Bluetooth stereo receiver which supports Bluetooth A2DP profile, such as Bluetooth Headphones, Bluetooth Speaker / Dock or a Bluetooth Music Receiver such as the LAYEN i-DOCK or i-SYNC.

Ensure the BST has power and is connected to the mains. Please turn the BST off and on again and retry the process. Test your non-Bluetooth device on its own to ensure it is functioning ok. Ensure the LAYEN BST is on and connected to a USB power source.

Make sure you have pressed the pairing button on your Bluetooth device (If there is one) otherwise it will not be found by the LAYEN BST. Will the LAYEN BST work on a different non-Bluetooth device e.g. TV, iPod, PC. If it does this suggests an issue with the original device you are trying to use it with. To test the LAYEN BST with a smartphone, simply disable Bluetooth functionality in the phone’s settings. Connect to the LAYEN BST via the AUX as you did with the previous device.

If the BST has previously been working fine, please try a factory reset. In standby mode (i.e. not connected to a device), hold down the MFB button until the blue LED comes on for 1 second and then the blue and red LED come on for 1 second simultaneously. The list of previously paired devices will be deleted. The next time the LAYEN BST is turned on, it will enter pairing mode automatically, and you will need to repair and re-connect with each device.

Lost connection. When the BST and the receiving device, e.g. Bluetooth headphones are out of effective range they will disconnect and must be kept within 10 meters of one another without any obstacles between them, to ensure the best reception

Asked for PIN. In the case that a PIN is required to pair, please use one of the following: 0000, 1234, 1111 or 8888. In most cases, a PIN will not be required.

BST didn't remember one of my devices. The transmitter can remember up to 8 paired devices. When the paired devices exceed this, the first paired device will be replaced by the latest and so on. Each time the BST is turned on, it will automatically connect to the last paired device.

No sound. If no sound is playing, make sure that the BST is connected to the Bluetooth device and that the music / audio is playing and hasn't paused or stopped. Check the volume levels on both devices to make sure they are up. For a TV make sure the sound mode is not on mute. For a TV you may need to select ‘AUX mode’

Interference / sound quality issues. Make sure there are no obstacles between the LAYEN BST and the Bluetooth device you are streaming to. Make sure the devices are within 10m of each other

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