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The LAYEN BT AUX is no longer available. Please take a look at other LAYEN AUX receivers.  

LAYEN C-AUX - Bluetooth AUX receiver 

LAYEN BT-AUX - Bluetooth AUX receiver 

LAYEN TX-RX - Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver 


*** Discontinued *** 



The LAYEN BT AUX will turn your docking station, stereo or speakers Bluetooth allowing you to stream music from your Bluetooth enabled device, e.g. Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop. Unlike 30pin receivers the BT AUX does not have any compatibility issues so should work with any dock, stereo system (in the car or home) or speakers that have an AUX connection (3.5mm headphone jack). 


Before Use: 

Please charge the BT AUX fully before first use. Simply connect the USB end of charge cable in to a USB wall plug or a laptop/PC USB port. Plug the other end of the cable in to the charging port of the BT AUX.



Red light on: Charging

Red light off: Finished charging


To turn the receiver on press and hold the â€Ã…“onâ€Ã‚ button for 3-5 seconds until the Blue LED turns on.

To turn off the device press and hold the button for 3-5 seconds until the red LED turns on. 

To enter pairing, press and hold the on button for approx. 7 seconds â€Ã¢€Å“ the LED light will flash Blue/Red intermittently. The BT AUX is now in pairing mode and searching for a device to connect with.

Pairing mode will last for 2 minutes. The BT AUX will enter standby mode if no device can be found within 2 minutes.

Please ensure your pairing device supports A2DP profile (most do).

Place the BT AUX and pairing device in close proximity while pairing (within 1 metre)

Enable the Bluetooth function on your device and search for the receiver. Once found, select to pair. If you are prompted for a pin, enter“0000”. If prompted to connect, select yes. (This will vary with devices being used). 

Successful pairing will be indicated by the LED light flashing blue twice quickly every 4 seconds. 

You are now ready to stream your music wirelessly. Please make sure that the volume is up on the both your device and the docking station/stereo.

The LAYEN BT AUX comes with a built in rechargeable battery. It can be used for approx. 10hrs playback from a 2 hours charge.




If the receiver doesn't power up / the lights don't flash, please make sure your BT AUX is charged.

When you see the red LED flash once every 20 seconds and hear three tones during use the battery is low and needs to be charged.

If charging via a laptop, please ensure the laptop does not go in to hibernate otherwise the BT AUX won’t charge.

If you are having trouble pairing please reset the Bluetooth within your device settings and forget all other devices. Turn both the dock and your device off and then re-start the process. If you have any other Bluetooth devices that have been or are trying to connect to the receiver, you will need to turn off Bluetooth on these devices and delete the BT AUX from them (forget device) as they could be causing confusion.

If you have any trouble turning the receiver off please charge the device, this will turn it off.

If you need to return the BT AUX, please follow our returns procedure and send the unwanted item back to us, in its' original packaging (and condition!) for an exchange or refund. 

Returns and Faulty Products

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