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Still Got Wired Headphones?

Posted 24th June • Music

Do you still listen to a pair of wired headphones? I know I do. You might have an amazing set that you invested significantly in to enjoy the superior sound they delivered, or you might still be holding on to a decent pair of Apple headphones that you can no longer use in the latest iPhones.

Whatever the case, have you considered turning them Bluetooth?

It’s really simple to do and you could have them wireless within seconds. (You can read more here……)

Here Are Four Advantages To Turning Your Wired Headphones Bluetooth!

1. Your Headphones No Longer Connect to Your iPhone

When Apple stopped including the 3.5mm aux headphone jack with the launch of the iPhone 7, it meant that standard wired headphones could no longer be used with iPhones.

Not without a 3.5mm AUX to 8 pin adapter, which was at best, mediocre and didn’t tend to last too long before it broke or interference took over.

Bluetooth eradicates this issue. Rather than using the adapter you can turn your headphones Bluetooth and listen to your device wirelessly.

It also means you are not restricted to having to hold your phone or have it really close to you (e.g. in your pocket), which is really useful for when you are moving around.

2. You Could Enjoy Watching The Television in Peace!

If you like the idea of immersing yourself into your favourite show or an awesome movie, you could create your own personal cinema experience.

Just connect your headphones to the television, via Bluetooth and block out everything (and everyone!) else.

You can only do this if your TV has Bluetooth, but if it doesn’t it’s not an issue - there is a solution here.

3. You Won’t Need To Invest In A Brand New Set

If you already own a great pair of headphones that you love to listen to music through, why would you want to invest time and money into finding a replacement?

Having the option of turning them Bluetooth, whenever you want to, will make them truly versatile and will extend their life span even further.

4. The Distance Between The Cable And Phone Can Be Restrictive!

Unless you are sat at a desk, or stationary, for prolonged periods of time, the headphone cable can really get in the way and having to hold the phone so close can get irritating.

Particularly if you are working out, cleaning the house or generally out and about doing something. By turning your headphones Bluetooth you won’t have such a restriction.

That’s it! These are just 4 reasons for upgrading your wired headphones to Bluetooth, but I’m sure you can probably think of more!

If you want to find out which adapters are best for headphones - please read our Buying Guide: Turn Your Wired Headphones Bluetooth

This is another great way to save and upgrade an audio device that could otherwise be made redundant.

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