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Posted 8 July • Music

Fancy listening to your music in more than one room, at the same time, without investing in a costly Sonos (or similar) system? Like the idea of using the Speakers, Stereo or Docks that you already own to do this - whether they are Bluetooth or not?

We at LAYEN have another great hack for you to make the most of what you already have (and have invested in) and upgrade your audio experience at the same time!

We are going to show you how to stream music from your Smartphone,Tablet, MP3 player or similar device to two Bluetooth speakers at the same time.

E.g. music pumping in the Kitchen (Kitchen Disco?!) and the same music playing on your - other - speaker in the garden (for those round the BBQ!)

If you find it hard to sit still and want your music playing through the house, this is a perfect answer!

If you’re hosting a party and want the same music flowing between rooms - this will do it!

Because the connectivity is Bluetooth and not WiFi you can have a speaker in the garden and one in the house - they just need to stay within a 10m range. If you have a perfect line of sight, we have performed 40 meter tests! If you have an obstacle in the way to go through (like a wall) this can be less. Bluetooth always works best with a direct line of sight.

And of course all the music can be controlled centrally from your phone or other device.

Multi-Room on a Budget - What You Need

1. Smartphone / Tablet / MP3 Player

Firstly the device you want to play music from (such as a Smartphone) needs to have an AUX connection (3.5mm headphone jack). The latest iPhones and Android Smartphones don’t have these, but older versions do - as do iPods, iPads, MP3 Players, and Android devices. This device does not need to be Bluetooth but it equally won’t matter if it is.

[Note: If you wanted to use an 8pin iPhone you would need an 8pin to 3.5mm AUX adapter (which Apple provides with the phones) but this might distort the quality of the audio - or for the latest Android devices, use with USB C to 3.5mm AUX adapter]

2. Bluetooth Transmitter

Secondly you will need a Bluetooth AUX Transmitter that is capable of transmitting to two separate Bluetooth devices simultaneously, with no audio lag. Like the The LAYEN TX-RX Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver.

Usually this adapter is used to turn a TV, home entertainment system, iPod, Computer, Laptop or CD player Bluetooth and thus transmit the audio wirelessly to a pair of Bluetooth headphones, Speaker or Docking Station.

But in this case - it’s main purpose is to transmit the audio to two speakers at once, so it doesn’t matter if your device has Bluetooth or not. For example, If you are using a phone that has Bluetooth, you will just turn Bluetooth off to allow the transmitter to do its job. If you have an old iPod or MP3 that isn’t already Bluetooth - great! You are getting another benefit from this set up! :)

3. Two Bluetooth Speakers

Lastly you need two Bluetooth speakers that you want to stream your audio to.
This can be any two Bluetooth speakers.
In fact, you can even stream to an old Speaker Dock or Stereo that you already own by giving that Speaker Dock or Stereo Bluetooth too (with a LAYEN Bluetooth receiver)

and... to a speaker that is already Bluetooth enabled.


Stream to two already enabled Bluetooth Speakers.
It doesn’t matter what the brand or model is, there are no compatibility issues.

The LAYEN TX-RX Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver will work with any of our LAYEN Bluetooth receivers. So if you have any old speakers that you want to upgrade, use one of these to turn your speaker Bluetooth first, so that the LAYEN TX-RX can find it when looking to pair.

Quick, Painless Set-Up


  1. Speakers. First of all make sure both speakers are Bluetooth or Bluetooth-enabled. If you are upgrading a non-Bluetooth speaker, make sure you have set that up first.

  2. Music Device. If you are using a device with Bluetooth already (such as a Smartphone) turn Bluetooth off and insert the LAYEN TX-RX into the phone. Follow the instructions that have been provided. If your device is not Bluetooth follow the same process, you just won’t need to turn Bluetooth off.

  3. Pairing. Now follow the LAYEN TX-RX instructions and pair to the first speaker. You simply press the TX-RX button to put it into pairing mode. Now make sure the Speaker is also in pairing mode - (keep them within 1 meter whilst doing this).
    Once they are paired together you press play on your music - now whilst the music is playing, press the button on the TX-RX again - now also make sure your second speaker is placed in pairing mode too. Once it connects, music will play out of both speakers! And you can now move them further apart.

  4. Lastly - get your groove on!


Yes it really can be as simple and cost effective as that! For more information on the LAYEN TX-RX Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver, please check out the product page here.

Here are some of the main features below:


LAYEN TX-RX Bluetooth Transmitter & Receiver 

Multi-Functional. Think match-box size but thinner. Premium technology filled multifunctional device.

Versatile. Use with a wide number of audio devices in your home for wireless streaming: TV, Home Stereo or Speaker, Car Stereo, Headphones, iPod, any other non-Bluetooth music player.

Simple Quick Pairing. Simply plug into your Stereo, TV, Headphones or iPod's 3.5mm AUX port / headphone/jack, pair to your device and stream your audio. Fast pairing, no technical expertise required!

Transmission Distance of 10m+ Away. Although direct line of sight will work best, this transmission distance means that you can play music and change tracks across the room and even in other rooms. With direct line of sight and no obstructions, we have achieved 30 meters before!

Works with Any Music App. You can stream audio through any of your favourite Apps - Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Amazon Music, Apple Music or through your own music library.

Auto-Repair. The LAYEN TX-RX will always auto-repair to the last used device. No constant repairing!

Charge While in Use. Rechargeable battery which is fully functional whilst charging. Completely portable - no need to connect to a permanent power source. Battery charges via micro-usb, cable supplied.

Multi-Pair. The dual-pair features allows you to pair to 2 devices simultaneously.


That’s it! You have just created a wireless multi-room music system at a fraction of the cost of investing in a new wireless multi-room system. This is an ultimate way to upgrade several devices that you might still own and were reluctant to throw away. Bring them back to life and a smile on your face

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