How To Turn Your B&W Zeppelin or Zeppelin Mini Bluetooth


Turn Your Zeppelin Bluetooth in
3 Simple Steps

Posted 13 June • Music


If you are still holding on to a Bowers & Wilkins docking station, that was once your pride and joy but is now sat collecting dust - you kept hold of it for a reason.

And it was the right decision!  

It was far too good to give up. Whether you have a Zeppelin or Zeppelin Mini they are both awesome docks, with amazing sound and were built to last years.

It’s a shame for such brilliant sound machines to become outdated so quickly, but you’ll be pleased to know there IS something you can do about it.

You can give it the upgrade it deserves and turn it Bluetooth! Bring it back to life and start streaming your favourite tunes through any of your favourite music apps and any of your Bluetooth enabled devices.

Yep! We’re talking smartphones, tablets, laptops - anything with Bluetooth will be able to play music and stream it through your upgraded Zeppelin dock wirelessly!


We thought you might ask that….

All you need is the LAYEN BT-AUX Bluetooth Music receiver to turn your dock Bluetooth and bring it into the wireless age. A Bluetooth Receiver is a small adapter that connects to the dock and provides it with Bluetooth capability.

It will pair to your phone (or other Bluetooth device) and will play any music or audio that you stream through the Zeppelin speakers, wirelessly. This means no more messy cables, no more having to have your iPod docked AND no more dust !

3 Steps to Wireless FreedomIt’s incredibly easy to turn your dock Bluetooth. You don’t need any technical know-how. In fact, technophobes are welcome.
You just need to follow the 3 simple steps below and you’ll have your dock Bluetooth and streaming music wirelessly in as little as 90 seconds!
Step 1: Connect the LAYEN BT-AUX to the AUX input in your Zeppelin dock (the headphone jack).
Step 2: Pair your Bluetooth Device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) to the LAYEN BT-AUX. This should take no more than 90 seconds.
Step 3: Once connected, hit play! Play any music or audio from any of your favourite music streaming apps, through your Zeppelin dock! It’s now wireless.

IMPORTANT: 30pin Versus AUX Bluetooth Receivers

If you have already been contemplating turning your dock Bluetooth or have perhaps even tried an adapter in the past, but to no avail - you may have tried or been considering a 30pin receiver.

Please be aware that all 30 pin receivers on the market that we know of, including our own, Won’t Work With the Zeppelin Docks. Not only have we tested this ourselves, but we have received countless feedback from customers confirming that the Zeppelin docks are incompatible with the 30pin receivers.

We knew this was a huge disappointment to our B&W customers, which is one of the reasons for us adding AUX Bluetooth receivers to our product range. AUX receivers don’t have the same compatibility issues that 30 pin receivers have. In fact, they are universal.

They will work with any dock or stereo with an AUX connection (headphone jack). They are versatile and can be switched between devices, you can even use one in the car whilst driving (to turn your car stereo Bluetooth and handsfree) and in your Zeppelin dock when at home.

They are an excellent solution to the compatibility issue and frustration experienced by Zeppelin dock owners. See LAYEN BT-AUX Bluetooth Receiver for product information.

We are big believers in making the most of what you already have and not letting your investments go to waste. With such a progressive rate of technological advancement it’s inevitable that our devices, gadgets and home entertainment systems will become out of date quickly.

But that doesn’t mean we have to give up on them!

Need more help? Get in Touch..

We imagine that one of the above would have helped resolve the issue for you. But if you are still having trouble - just contact us via the contact form for some help from the support team. We are always happy to help!

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“Small but packs a great punch! Really good product! Easy and fast charging. Great And discreet size. Sound quality superb too - highly recommend!”

Joe, Verified Amazon Review


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