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Who needs wires anymore? The Bluetooth music receivers are great little products brought to you by LAYEN. We have a range of LAYEN 30pin and AUX receivers allowing you to turn your docking station, stereo or music system Bluetooth so you can start streaming your music wirelessly! What are you waiting for? Join the wireless revolution now….

When Apple changed the charging point from 30pin to 8pin, it left a lot of our customers with an expensive docking station that they can no longer use. 

It could also be the case that you are just simply fed up with getting up from your armchair to change tracks on your device. Imagine just sitting on your sofa and controlling your music with your device still in your hand, or switching between friends’ music without having to keep docking phones. 

This is where our Bluetooth Receivers come in! They fit the 30pin connection or the AUX input of your docking station and turn it Bluetooth. These great little gadgets will stream music directly from your new device. Simply plug and play! 

Our practical inexpensive products do just this. You don’t need to spend £100’s on an expensive airplay or Bluetooth docking station. Instead - give your dock an extra lease of life!! 


For help on which receiver to purchase for your dock, please look at our Buyers Guide to LAYEN’s Bluetooth Receivers

Or take a look at our Bluetooth receiver product pages

  1. The LAYEN i-SYNC is our original leading 30pin music receiver. 
  2. The LAYEN i-DOCK is our most premium 30pin music receiver. 
  3. The LAYEN BS-1 has been designed specifically to work on the first generation Bose Series 
  4. The LAYEN C-AUX is one of our premium AUX receivers. 
  5. The LAYEN BT-AUX is one of our premium AUX receivers
  6. The LAYEN TX-RX is our premium transmitter that also allows you to switch to receiver mode. 


So the above is pretty much the Bluetooth market wrapped up. 

Conserve your energy and save yourself the trouble of getting up and down to change albums, join the wireless Bluetooth world.


If you are looking to purchase one of our products and would like to see the customer reviews on Amazon - please use the links below: 


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